April Joy Farm

About April Joy Farm

April Joy Farm is located near Ridgefield, WA. on 24 acres above the Columbia River Slough. The farm was purchased on contract from Annie Peterson in 2003. Coming “home” to this farm was the realization of a dream for April, who spent many happy childhood days helping Annie and husband Pete weed and harvest and cook and can. In addition to their large, self-sufficient garden the Petersons tended Red Angus dual-purpose cows and meat goats.

Grown from scratch in 2006 by April Thatcher née Jones, April Joy Farm has nurtured sustainable farming connections and provided healthy food to hundreds of Clark County residents, as well as top local restaurants and grocers. From the cultivated annual and perennial crops, to the topography of canyon, creek and cropland, the rare breeds of heritage livestock and vibrant community of eaters it sustains, April Joy Farm is steeped with diversity.

“Our work is often arduous and challenging; the tie that binds all farmers is hope.”

The name April Joy is meant as a celebratory tribute to spring – those blessed months of immense possibility, expansion and miraculous change. Do you remember what that first sunny day each spring feels like? Season after season, sustainable farming requires this same eternal optimism, the sheer joy of hope. Through rough times we must weather and difficult times of uncertainty, we hold fast to the memory of spring, of the joy we effortlessly experience on warm April days.