The Farmers

The Joyful Farmers

We are April and Brad Thatcher and we are full time farmers.
April Joy Farm represents our entire livelihood, we maintain no off farm sources of income. We choose to live simply, thoughtfully and generously. We take our profession seriously and we seek always to keep learning and celebrating. We hope the loyalty and affection we have for our work will inspire others to gain a deeper appreciation of farm life and land stewardship.

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Our newsletter archives are filled with nearly a decade of every day life snippets at April Joy Farm, and every year we add to the tapestry of our farm story. We hope our musings nourish, educate and connect.  

Farm Inspiration Part II Essay by April

“Working farms are loved by their farmers not singly because they feed humans. Such farmers, for hundreds of years, have witnessed the extraordinary work ethic of bees, cringed at the despair of a doe missing her dead fawn, encouraged the healthy interdependence of soil microorganisms, and understood precisely the curt words of a sow with her piglets. Those of us tending land have honored grief as we buried our favorite animals. We have knelt down on tired knees in acceptance to frost or winds or pests we could not stop. We have felt intensely the unbreakable loyalty of donkeys to their kin. If you can sit with nature on her own terms, what you will discover is extraordinary.”

Funny Farm Essay by Brad

I am convinced all the different animals here at the farm are in one of three states of being at any given time: Resting from perpetrating their most recent naughty, actually performing a naughty, or planning their next naughty.