Farm News


photo of purple and green succulents

It’s never the same. Week after week, I walk the same foot path, pick up the same hoe, carry the same harvest crates from field to wash sink. As repetitive as these motions may be, every day, every moment seems different, new, full of possibility. This is how I know I must be in the right line of work. The small details delight me, as does the amazing changes that sometimes happen seemingly overnight.

Yesterday we hung long sections of wire bean trellis, weeded onions, reveled in baby chickens who rushed to greet us with insistent peeping. We unloaded a delivery of feed grain, toured the farm with a chef, put the donkeys out to graze. We watered seedlings, shared our weeding philosophy with an apprentice, and noticed Grace, our beautiful slate blue Orpington had gone broody. So we tucked another egg underneath her to build up the little clutch. Life keeps turning toward life, we keep turning toward the joy found in each new round of familiar tasks. We sow, we tend, we harvest. But moreover, we care. We witness, we give thanks, we keep learning.

May this week’s harvest fill your table with health and joy. Meal after meal, it’s good to remember, when we show up with intention, no breath of our life is ever the same. -AJ