Frequently Asked Questions About Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

How Does it Work?

Early in the season, you purchase a share of produce, which provides funds for the annual operating expenses (seed, equipment, supplies, labor) of the farm. Starting in late spring, each week you will receive a notification which highlights the produce available for that week. Of the items available, you “Pick 6” and then come to the farm at a regularly scheduled day and time to pick up your selection of produce.

What’s in a Share and How Many People Will it Feed?

Our goal is to provide you with a box of produce each week that is balanced, diverse and reasonably sized. Take a look at our harvest schedule for a list of the produce we typically grown, as well as approximate harvest dates. Our full share will include 6 items, and feed two vegetable loving adults or a family of four moderate vegetable eaters. If you can’t use that much produce, consider signing up with a friend or family member, or participate in our half share program. The half share program includes the same produce and box size, but you pick up your share every other week, instead of each week.  If you have a big family, or eat as many vegetables as we do, you can sign up for a double share.

Can I Choose the Vegetables?

Absolutely yes! Our unique “Pick Six, Custom Choice” program allows you the opportunity to chose from a wide variety of items. Each week, you will receive an email listing all of the available items. Of the approximately 15-25 items listed, you are free to select six. You can usually double or triple up on an item if you wish. For instance: one member may choose three bags of head lettuce, one bunch of carrots and two sacks of potatoes, while the same week another member picks two pumpkins, one bag of lettuce, a bunch of carrots, a bunch of beets and a sack of apples.

What happens if I don’t “Pick 6”?

We custom harvest our CSA shares based on your weekly order. If you do not reply to our weekly order email, we will donate your produce to a local family in need.

I can’t make it to the Farm on pickup day. Do you offer delivery or have in town pick up sites closer to my home/work?

At this time, we are not able to deliver shares. Our produce is only available for pick up at the farm. Our farm is near Salmon Creek, located just several miles NW of the Clark County Fairgrounds. However, we are able to offer flexible pickup schedules. For instance, we have members who live on the eastside of Vancouver. They enjoy the benefits of a full share, but they pickup a double share every other week instead of a single share every week. If you are interested in a share but have concerns regarding the pickup schedule, please call or email us. We are confident we can find a schedule which works for both of us.

How Much Does it Cost?


  • Full Share $980 for 23 weeks of produce
  • Half share $506 for 11 weeks of produce

While advance payment is greatly encouraged (and appreciated), if this is not possible, please contact April to arrange an alternative payment plan. April Joy Farm believes that everyone deserves access to healthy, local food, and everyone has something to contribute.

We are currently accepting new members for our 2020 CSA season!

Click here to sign up.