April Joy Farm has been selling to restaurants for nearly a decade. We take great pride in offering high quality, certified organic produce- consistently and professionally.

We are eager to develop new partnerships with locally-minded chefs who:

  • care deeply about their community and environment
  • seek the highest quality produce bred for flavor not shelf life
  • appreciate the challenge and opportunities of creating menus devoted to seasonality
  • want to learn more about the stories and growing practices behind their food
  • are interested in utilizing hard to source culture-based crops and/or varieties of produce with specific characteristics (uncommon flower sprouts, easy to peel beets, tomatoes for juice, etc.)
  • are committed to supporting sustainable practices and fair wages for farm workers
  • are willing to source a significant portion of their staple items from local farmers

What makes us unique:

We encourage and appreciate regular visits to our farm. A farm walk through our fields is a great time to complete our weekly order together, discuss upcoming crops, sample flavor profiles of ripening produce, as well as learn from and inspire each other.

  • Our produce is selected, grown and harvested on a custom basis for your needs.
  • Our produce is carefully selected for flavor and characteristics that are most important to you.
  • We maintain high standards for post-harvest care of our produce to ensure you are receiving produce that lasts. We are confident this approach results in the greatest value for your dollar.
  • We are focused on eliminating food waste and prep time for your staff. Our produce is meticulously washed and trimmed to ensure you don’t pay for ends, stems and soiled skins that you can’t use.
  • We are not after a quick sale.  We are committed to growing lasting Farmer-Chef relationships that build resilience, diversity, and great health for our businesses and for our community.

How We Work:

Once a year, we meet with you to identify crops and specific varieties which meet your needs. We establish estimated quantities per week and discuss schedule and crop availability. We agree on pricing. Throughout the growing season, each week, we contact you to provide an update on available crops and quantities at which time you place your order. We harvest and deliver to you within 48 hours up to twice weekly.

Ordering Schedule

Our 2017 schedule is:

  • Saturday order by 12 noon for Monday delivery.
  • Tuesday order by 12 noon for Thursday delivery.

Delivery & Pickup

Delivery is available to the Vancouver, WA metro area. On Farm pickup is available and encouraged with advance notice.

Order Size

Orders under $80 may necessitate a location-based delivery fee.


Learn More

If you are interested in developing a partnership with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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