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Goats. In the Drive. Naturally.

photo of farmer brad with cat "cheetah" on his shoulder

The farm is a powerful magnet for stray animals. Maybe there is an aura we humans cannot see that the wayward beasts are attracted to. Maybe they somehow know that naughtiness is accepted here. Whatever the reason, they show up regularly. We have met Apollo and Big, both happy labs from the neighbor out near the road. On separate occasions, they decided to do some extended exploring and ended up at the farm. We have also met Buddy the Saint Bernard from a neighbor accross the ravine. Another time, I got scratched helping a peacock over the fence.

photo of goats grazing down the driveway on the farmAnd then there are the cats. Lots of cats. Some of you know Thumper, she was a stray that wanted to be a farmer five years ago and still enjoys helping us in the field. And we can’t forget Lambert, the giant puffy guy that just wanted to be part of the family. Also, we can’t forget Elmer, who stuck to me like glue. We nicknamed him Baby Cheetah because of the spots on his belly. He was a fun companion in the field for over a year.

There was also Pickles, a wild tomcat who appeared at the pig barn several months ago. He has since moved on, unfortunately, but I did manage to convince him that getting pet and sitting on laps was ok.

The most recent visitors stopped by a couple days ago. We were out in the field doing things when Kaylene approached me and said, “Just so you know, there are goats walking down the drive.”

Naturally. Why wouldn’t there be goats walking down the drive? Problem is, we don’t have any goats. Luckily one goat had his lead rope still attached, so it was not difficult to get ahold of the pair and get them off in the right direction. We took them next door and one of the little girls was very happy to see her goats. We learned their names are Chocolate and Dwight. It’s actually White, but I like Dwight. So now we can add them to the list.

I wonder who’s next? ~BT

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