Farm News


photo of iris seed pods open on a wooden table


Today I reach for compassion
accepting I can never understand
the depth of layers all hearts fiercely guard.

Today I open my front door
to the forgiveness
that has been knocking patiently
all these years.

Today I exhale the memories
of choices I cannot undo.
I listen for the laughing freedom
in the crackling pyre of Almost-Regrets.

Today, I am finally ready to throw my offerings to the fire:
those reminders of who I once was
that I forget too easily
I am no longer.

Today I craft a smile,
slow down,
forget the trivial.

Today, I remember how good it feels to be kind.

Today I keep my senses awake and in search of everyday ordinary peace that bubbles forth from a deep laugh,
flies into my window on morning birdsong,
quivers with gratitude at the sight of my beloved,
rests in each beat of heart, each breath filling my lungs.

Today, I make the choice
to live this moment
as if it were the whole of my life. ~AJ

photo of a bunch of dried irises

This spring I collected the dried stalks (filled with seed) from irises that were gifted to me the year I started my farm.